Physical Education

Physical Education supports learning and life-skills.

Saint Mark's School offers Physical Education for all students.  We emphasize the importance of physical activity through a variety of activities which help students release energy and go back to their classroom better ready to focus.

The focus of the Saint Mark's Phy-Ed Program is to help students gain social, team-member and physical skills that become life skills . Through mainstream activities and sports, as well as new or more specialized games, we provide each student with an opportunity to shine.

Students are active 80-90% of the time in Phy-Ed class, while receiving essential instructions and information on important skills, rules, specific movements, exercises, and health related topics the remaining 10-20% of the time.

During games/play students develop social skills and learn how to handle themselves in difficult situations. As a class we like to work through problems together and students develop solutions to make things better during games and activities.

Phy-Ed Schedule

  • Preschool: One day per week
  • Kindergarten through 4th grade: Two days per week
  • Grades 5 through 8: Two days per week

Phy-Ed Activities

Preschool through 2nd Grade

Warm-Up: Focus on developing and perfecting Motor Movements through exercises)

Skills/Lesson Focus:  Students will work on drills or activities aimed at developing basic fundamentals of the sport or unit they are on.  Small classes allow for individual attention for each student, allowing the instructor to help out with everyone's specific needs in the sport, activity or skill.

Game/Activity: Students will always close with a game or activity where they can use the skills they learned during the lesson.

Health: Students will also learn about health topics in the beginning or end of class. The topics covered include human anatomy (bones and muscles) and nutrition (healthy foods).

3rd and 4th Grade

Warm-Up: Drills and exercises that are focused on proper mechanics of movement during sports and activities.  Warm-up is important to help build cardiovascular endurance, balance, flexibility and muscular endurance.

Skills/Lesson Focus: In 3rd and 4th grade we focus on situations that may occur during a game or play. The students work on drills and activities that help them strengthen their skills so they can compete or play at a higher level, even if it is just in the class setting. There is a focus on more movement during skill practice so that the students are understanding how situations may work or develop in a game or play.

Game/Activity: The students will always end with a game or activity relating to the sport or unit that we are currently working on. The students are strongly encouraged to play by the rules, and enforce them on their own. This creates an environment of fair play.  

Health: Topics covered in 3rd-4th grade health are Nutrition (eating healthy foods), Human Anatomy (continuing with bones and muscles), and Fitness (the importance of vigorous activity every day).

5th through 8th Grade

Warm-up: It is important at this age the students are ready for physical activity. Warm-up consists of exercises that help muscular strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. It is important that the students are always warmed up and ready for physical activity.

Skills/Lesson Focus: Students are challenged to perform more than just the basic skills in a sport or activity. It is important at this age to develop a sense of team, and how you can use a team to be successful. Every game or activity is a team sport or team game. Students work with new team members every day.  This forces them to adapt and try new or different skills that will make them a better team player. The other main focus at this level is fitness. It is important for students at this age to develop an understanding of why it is important to be physically active every day. At this level the students are challenged to stay active almost the entire lesson or time that they are in the gym.

Health: Topics covered in 5th-8th grade health are Nutrition (eating healthy foods and maintaining proper body weight), Human Anatomy (describe the structure, functions, and parts of the skeletal and muscular systems), Fitness (knowing how exercise and fitness can help a person improve their physical and emotional health and how keeping fit can benefit a person throughout life), Mental Health (students will learn how to deal with emotions, strengthen their self image, and communicate, and relate successfully with others).

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