Top Ten Attributes

The top ten attributes families should seek in a school for their children:

1A school that integrates faith across the curriculum and encourages faith outside of the school.
Saint Mark’s brings faith into all we do. We pray regularly throughout the day, use service learning at every grade level, attend weekly school Mass, and offer Reconciliation regularly. Further, we are blessed with middle school campus ministry from Pro Ecclesia Sancta for additional retreats, worship, service, and social opportunities - an opportunity that our students love!

2A school that prepares students for success in high school academics.
Our test scores and high school feedback tell us that our students are consistently among the best-prepared students for high school. 

3A school that understands that children are more than their academics.
Each day at Saint Mark’s, we take time to pray and check in with all of our students, as they are much more to us than test takers. We embrace our school motto “one strong family united in Christ!”.

4A school that helps students excel in activities outside the classroom.
Our students continue a long legacy of excellence on the field, court, and stage including multiple championships in each of the last few years.

5A school with extracurricular activities that teach lifelong skills beyond the field, court, and stage.
Our athletics and activities teach life skills such as humility, teamwork, and diligence as seen through behaviors such as regularly thanking officials and our chant “humble in victory - proud in defeat.”

6A school that is constantly improving.
At Saint Mark’s, we are improving all the time. With the generous support of our donors, we are upgrading our facilities and providing excellent ongoing training for our incredible staff. Our move to a Classical Education model has set an exciting tone for excellence for years to come.

7A school that uses not only educational research but brain research to inform how teachers serve children.
Most schools engage their teachers in educational development, but unlike most schools, at Saint Mark’s our staff is also engaged in brain research, putting us in a unique category of schools.

8A school that prepares students for life.
Top 20 Training provides Saint Mark’s teachers, students and families with ongoing resources, training, texts, retreats, and more so that we can help our students develop critical skills for high school, college, and life beyond.

9A school where the students find joy on a daily basis as they learn to know and love themselves and other people.
We see it each day at Saint Mark’s, but we have also heard from our partner high schools, that Saint Mark’s alumni show a unique ability to positively interact with other students.

10A school where, not only the students, but the entire family is an integral part of our community.
Our parents told us in a recent focus group study that one of their favorite things about Saint Mark’s is that everyone in their family, not only the students, has found their own social community here.

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