Light of Christ Award

Each year since 2014, we have recognized one person or group in our community who shines with the "light of Christ".

The Saint Mark's Light of Christ Award was established in 2013 to recognize those who live their baptismal call in an extraordinary way. It honors those who exemplify the spirit of Christ within our community. "You are the light of the world. Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father." (Mt 5: 14, 16)

Award Winners

2017: Steve Osborne
2016: Mary Pat Hartshorn
2015: Lois Lotzer
2014: Council of Catholic Women

Light of Christ Award 2017

Love Letters to a Light of Christ

Through his decades of service to St Mark's, Steve Osborne has unmistakably won the hearts of all, in particular, those of our smallest parishioners. Since 1985, Steve has been the humble and steadfast presence in our Sunday school, bringing the light of Christ to hundreds of children. A former student of St Mark's himself, he has led the children's chorus for our annual summer play since 2005. Steve is also a dedicated member of the church choir and an enthusiastic cantor. Here are just a few of many excerpts, taken from what can only be called love letters, written by those who have worked, played and laughed alongside him over the years

Our youngest daughter Theresa was apprehensive about Sunday school at first but Steve's gentle manner soon won her over. Once, she insisted on hanging onto a stuffed bunny and Steve just said “she can take it home”…Marsha Kieffer

His generosity of time and talent is almost immeasurable. As he makes his way up to the choir loft he often pauses to chat in his easy going style with former Sunday schoolers or kids from the summer play, always with a big smile…Cindy Holupchinski

In addition to the singing, Steve eventually had to assume more responsibility for the 1-3 grade choreography. In typical Steve fashion he took that on without a complaint…Eileen Degnan

I have always believed that EVERY child should know “Jesus loves me, this I know”. The children of St Mark's know the words (and the message) because of Steve…Keely Wojda

I first met Steve when I was six years old. He was the friendly guy with the mustache who would sing to us. As a teenager I became extremely cool. Steve would not let me get away with that and no matter how hard I tried to resist his smile and greeting, I always smiled back. Eventually the Lord blessed me with my own family and when I walked in to Sunday school and saw Steve was still there I was shocked, moved and happy - like the little boy who had walked through that very door 30 years ago. Steve, you may not fully understand the difference your presence has made until the day you stand before the Lord and He says (with a big smile on His face, of course) “Well done, good and faithful servant”…Danny Kieffer

~ Please join us in congratulating Steve Osborne at our Saint Mark's Gala on Saturday, February 11 as we honor him with the 2017 Light of Christ Award ~

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