Boys and Girls Basketball

Saint Mark's Basketball program (November - February) is offered for both boys and girls in grades five through eight.

Our goal is to have an A, B, and C team comprised of the three grade levels for each gender. If our numbers are low, we invite 5th graders to join the C squad, or we combine grade levels to make two teams instead of three. Our C squad focuses on the fundamentals of the game, while running a simple offense and a person-to-person defense. Our A and B teams work from a larger, more complex playbook that prepares them for high school basketball. The basketball teams play in the CAA (Catholic Athletic Association) and are placed in leagues that are equivalent to their talent level. Teams can also play in basketball tournaments throughout the season. At the end of each season, every team makes the CAA playoffs in a single elimination format. Saint Mark's has also hosted multiple "home" tournaments in their own gym.

We also have an intramural basketball program for boys and girls in grades one through five during the winter (November – January). This program introduces young players to the game with drills and activities that teach the fundamentals of basketball. It is designed to be fun, teach basketball skills, and prepare young players for middle school basketball.

You can view the calendar for all Athletic games and practices at GO LIONS Athletic Calendar.

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