Grade 2

Second grade is an exciting mix of building on important concepts introduced in first grade, and introducing new academic building blocks which prepare us for third grade and beyond. We participate in many group projects and presentations, while also working on independence and organizational skills. Along with intellectual growth, we grow socially and spiritually. We grow in our friendships with peers and deepen our relationship with God. All of this happens in a diverse, accepting, fun, and encouraging classroom atmosphere. Our daily schedule includes Language Arts, Math, Religion, Science, and Social Studies. We also learn from specialists in Physical Education., Music, Art. and Spanish. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum.

Effective and well researched curriculum is used in all subject areas at Saint Markʼs Catholic School. All second grade curriculum is a jumping off point for teaching students. Projects, games, and learning style based activities are also integrated into our learning process.

The Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Treasures curriculum used for Language Arts encourages differentiated and leveled learning in the second grade, helping us to meet the needs of each student. We build on the phonemic awareness learned in first grade. Spelling and vocabulary word work continues as we read varied writing forms including literature, poetry, informational text, etc. We read daily just for fun, the best way to encourage a love of reading. We focus on comprehension and fluency in reading. Grammar is reinforced and new concepts added. We write daily in an effort to encourage and improve writing skills. Language Arts learning is integrated throughout all aspects of our day.

Our McGraw-Hill My Math curriculum, written to meet CCSS, provides a colorful and engaging math curriculum. Leveled work, varied practice, games and a focus on both vocabulary and writing about math concepts encourage a deep understanding and expression of what is being studied. In second grade we review and build on concepts introduced in first grade, strengthening basic facts and concepts. New concepts are introduced. A foundation is laid for the concepts to follow in third grade, such as multiplication and division.

Our F.O.S.S. (Full Option Science System) curriculum is a hands-on inquiry based Science approach. Students learn by observing, doing, and experimenting. In second grade we investigate The Life Cycle of Insects, Solids and Liquids, and Plants. Students demonstrate learning in many ways including small group and large group discussion, writing, and the creation of art. A love of science is encouraged and fostered.

Our Macmillan/Mcgraw-Hill We Live Together curriculum focuses on eight strands of social studies including History, Economics, Geography, Government, Citizenship, Culture, Science and Technology and Social Studies Skills. We integrate reading, writing, small group and individual projects, games, and art to teach and solidify concepts.

In Religion we prepare for and celebrate two special and important Sacraments: First reconciliation and First Eucharist. Both the Christ Our Life series published by Loyola Press and We Believe series published by Sadlier are used to help us in our preparations. We also learn about the Mass, the church year, saints, and service. Prayer, weekly mass, adoration, school prayer services and community service also enrich our spiritual growth.


  1. English Language Arts
  2. Math
  3. Religion
  4. Science
  5. Social Studies
  • Comprehension Strategies and Skills
  • Structural Analysis
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Text Features and Study Skills
  • Grammar
  • Reading Skills
  • Addition and Subtraction Concepts
  • Number Patterns
  • Add Two-Digit Numbers
  • Subtraction Two-Digit Numbers
  • Place Value to 1,000
  • Add Three Digit Numbers
  • Money
  • Data Analysis
  • Time
  • Customary and Metric Length
  • Geometric Shapes and Equal Shares
  • Jesus Christ Gives Us the Church
  • We Celebrate God's Love
  • We Celebrate Baptism
  • The Church Year
  • Church Seasons and Feast Days
  • Penance and Reconciliation Preparation
  • First Eucharist Preparation
  • The Mass
  • Insects: Life Cycles
  • Solids and Liquids
  • Plants
  • Our Community
  • Geography
  • History
  • Our Government

Memorable Activities

Students participate in several important and memorable activities in second grade. These include: the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist, the May Crowning of Mary, a group research and presentation project on presidents Lincoln and Washington, American Hero presentations, and our annual end of the year field trip to the History Center.

Second grade is a special and important year for religious growth. We begin the year by deepening our relationship with Jesus as we gently and prayerfully prepare for our First Reconciliation, celebrated in early December. After a full year of preparation, we joyfully celebrate First Eucharist. Our year ends with the crowning of Mary at a special second grade led Mass in May.

We participate in many projects in second grade. Two favorites are the Lincoln and Washington research reports, and the American Hero reports. Students learn the basics of research and small group work as they complete an in-class project on two of our countyʼs best loved presidents; George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. As small groups, they research, write, create posters, and finally present their information. Later in the year American heroes are chosen by each student to research and present to the class. These projects teach about research and sources, as well as presentation of information, both written and oral.

We end the year with a day-long trip to the Minnesota History Center. We spend the day learning about how the Dakota children lived in Minnesota years ago, and exploring the exhibits. It is much anticipated and enjoyed.


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