Counseling Services

Saint Mark's has two part-time counselors on-site, promoting behavioral and academic success for all students. One counselor works with students in grades K-8, and the other counselor works exclusively with students in grades 6-8.

A licensed counselor with a Masters in Counseling Education, Ms. Susan Livingston makes behavioral and academic success a priority. Counseling services offered to students in Grades K-8 include:

  • Individual counseling with students going through personal crisis
  • Social skills training and friendship groups
  • Anger management skills and conflict resolution training
  • Coping strategies to help deal with anxiety, depression, and/or ADD/ADHD
  • Problem-solving skills training
  • Yoga Calm instruction aimed at helping students focus, handle stress more easily, and to help build self-awareness and self control
  • Class presentations on bullying, manners, friendship skills, and other issues as needed.
  • Yearly student presentations (plays, skits, readings, posters..) on bullying as a means to help build an awareness of what bullying is, what to do when bullied, and how to safely help stop bullying.

To help students become more aware of themselves and others by learning the necessary coping strategies which ultimately help to promote behavioral and academic success.

Ms. Joann Ellefson, a licensed counselor with a graduate degree in Educational Counseling, is provided to Saint Mark's School by the SPPS District, and provides individual and small group counseling, as well as classroom presentations on Cyber-bullying and Career Choices, for students in Grades 6-7-8.

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