Academic Support

Saint Mark's offers academic assistance in reading and math with a teacher student ratio ranging from 1-1 to 1-4.

A child who learns reading or math at a different pace, or in a different manner, can fall behind peers and lose confidence in his/her ability to learn. Our goal is to provide an appropriate pace and method, allowing for greater academic success and promoting the courage and determination needed to acquire new skills.

This helps students feel more comfortable asking questions and requesting additional individualized instruction. The learner gains mastery of skills necessary for progress in new areas of learning. Further, while it is not unusual for parents to feel concern for their child’s sense of self confidence when our faculty suggest that their child may benefit from some extra academic support, almost invariably, once a student begins to work with our specialists, they begin to grow in confidence, as concepts that were once unclear to them quickly become lucid and logical. Additionally, students in these groups are coached to develop the risk-taking skills so essential for future academic success.

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