Kristin Smejkal

Grade 1

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What do you love most about your work?
I love so many things about my job. The energy, excitement, creativity, and sense of wonder that the First Graders so honestly share as they encounter new information makes everyday fly by. I love the look of, "Oh I get it!" and how they then start to understand more of the world as they draw correlations between things. In my job, I am able to get to know and spend my days with individuals of amazing and untapped potential that share their world with me…truly the best job!

What has being part of a faith-based community taught you?
Because I am part of a faith-based community I am allowed to combine religion, academics, and social skills in my teaching. I think that that blessing keeps the responsibility to make sure that not only I use the gifts that God gave me, but help instill that in my students as well. That we need to make our existence matter.

What does being a Marker mean to you?
In a word, family. It's our parents, students, teachers, the church and other staff members all working together to share God's love, learn, and make a positive difference.

Share a bit about yourself:
I received my bachelors in Art Education in Nebraska and taught in Sioux Falls for four years. I received my Masters from St. Thomas and have taught First Grade at St. Mark's for over 15 years. I currently live in Minnetonka with my husband and 15 year old daughter, who is also a St. Mark's graduate. We enjoy biking, riding and working with horses, reading, soccer, traveling, learning about other people and parts of the country and world, gardening, and relaxing at home.

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