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Personalized Attention - Welcoming Community
Faith & Spiritual Growth - Cutting-Edge Technology

Saint Mark’s School is committed to academic excellence and is part of the vibrant Catholic community located in the heart of Merriam Park.

We offer:

  • Pre-K through 8th grade classes
  • Full & half-day preschool/kindergarten with before and after-school child care on site
  • Differentiated instruction to accommodate all ability levels in math and reading
  • Spanish, art, music, physical education, and computer classes
  • Specialists who teach classes as part of the regular curriculum for all grades
  • Individual and team sports, band, and other extracurricular enrichment activities for all students
  • A wellness policy, which is our foundation for promoting healthy choices

At Saint Mark's, we are:

    • Proud to be Catholic
    • Proud to Innovative
    • Proud to be Welcoming
    • Proud to be Personal
    • Proud to be Enriching

Strategic Plan

At Saint Mark's School, our mission is to work in partnership with families, inspire a life long dedication to learning, embrace Catholic faith and values, and prepare students to be successful in a global community.



  • Enhance Catholic identity throughout our curriculum.
  • Establish a more familial relationship between school, families, and PES team.
  • Integrate Catholic identity into extra curricular activites.
  • Provide faith formation for families.


  • Realize our academic vision for Catholic IDEALS.
  • Use standardized tests to help students reach their full potential.
  • Redesign curriculum to help students reach their full potential.


  • Increase enrollment in preschool through 8th grade.
  • Continue trajectory of increased revenues outside of enrollment.
  • Manage expenses for increased strength and long term success of school ministry.


  • Establish and communicate a clearly mutual vision for the school from pastor and principal.
  • Establish strong lines of communication with the parish community.
  • Enhance and streamline communications with families.


Catholic IDEALS School

What is a Catholic IDEALS School?

Innovation Differentiation Enrichment Activity Leadership Spirituality

  • A Catholic IDEALS School is a school that uses research on the human brain, neuroscience, to offer an excellent educational experience for your child and family.
  • A Catholic IDEALS School uses Dr. Howard Gardner’s research at Harvard University to engage students through their 9 different intelligences (logical/mathematical, linguistic/words, musical/rhythmic, visual, bodily/kinesthetic, intrapersonal/self, interpersonal/social, naturalistic, and spiritual/existential).

Why Saint Mark's School?

As a parent considering a school for your child, there’s no doubt you're evaluating which options will be best for your child and your family. What schools offer the best programs? Do they have specialists? How big are the class sizes, and will my child receive personalized attention? What are the enrichment opportunities, and how will my child grow spiritually?


Our History

In November of 1911, two months after Father J.A. Corrigan's appointment to the parish, a resolution was passed to proceed with the plans to build a parochial school. He writes in his letters that "securing a site for such a school, adjacent to the little frame church, was extremely difficult because every lot had a house on it. Only with tantalizing slowness were these houses purchased by the parish, one at a time."

Finally, in the late fall of 1912, plans for an eight room school building were submitted by the architect E.J. Donohue. The plans were approved by the board and the contract was awarded to the Paul Steenberg Construction Company of St. Paul. Work began immediately with the hope that the school would be ready for the beginning of the school year in 1913. In August of 1913, Archbishop Ireland and Mother Seraphine along with the teaching Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet and local dignitaries toured the new school. It was then dedicated by the Archbishop and classes started on September 9, 1913.


Book A Tour Today

Discover the Saint Mark's Difference first hand.


Book a tour of Saint Mark's School to see how our students spend their school day. See the beautiful student art work that decorates the halls of our building. Feel the wonderful atmosphere that is created by happy students being taught by experienced and caring teachers. Learn about the history of our building that has been in existence since 1912.

Call now to schedule a tour and discover the Saint Mark's difference. 651-644-3380


Technology Leadership

Today’s students, no matter the grade level, are "digital natives". It is Saint Mark's goal to prepare them also to be good “digital citizens” of a world where they can aspire to be the leaders and innovators of the future.


Our Mission

We live our mission.

At Saint Mark's School, our Mission is to work in partnership with families, inspire a lifelong dedication to learning, embrace Catholic faith and values, and prepare students to be successful in a global community.


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