About Saint Mark's School

Personalized Attention - Welcoming Community
Faith & Spiritual Growth - Cutting-Edge Technology

Saint Mark’s School is committed to academic excellence and is part of the vibrant Catholic community located in the heart of Merriam Park.

We offer:

  • Pre-K through 8th grade classes
  • Full & half-day preschool/kindergarten with before and after-school child care on site
  • Differentiated instruction to accommodate all ability levels in math and reading
  • Spanish, art, music, physical education, and computer classes
  • Specialists who teach classes as part of the regular curriculum for all grades
  • Individual and team sports, band, and other extracurricular enrichment activities for all students
  • A wellness policy, which is our foundation for promoting healthy choices

At Saint Mark's, we are:

    • Proud to be Catholic
    • Proud to Innovative
    • Proud to be Welcoming
    • Proud to be Personal
    • Proud to be Enriching

Saint Mark's School - A Catholic IDEALS School

Saint Mark's School is delighted to announce that it has been selected to become a Catholic IDEALS School!

Innovative  Differentiated  Enriched  Active  Leadership  Spiritual

This remarkable program, recognizing the God-given potential of each student, is informed by the principles of Top 20 Training and Dr. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory. As such, it leads to the following:

      • well-rounded students whose academic strengths are matched by their social/emotional development
      • conscientious students who can identify and solve problems in their own lives and in the world around them
      • empowered parents who possess the tools needed to help their children thrive

Saint Mark's process of becoming a Catholic IDEALS School will include:

      • three years of ongoing professional development with Top 20 Training
      • ongoing consulting with IDS and Top 20 Training for faculty and staff
      • formational opportunities for families
"Recognizing its exceptional capacity for developing the social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual potential of its students, parents, faculty and staff, we are excited to accept Saint Mark's School as a Catholic IDEALS School."Paul Bernabei, founder and author of Top 20 Training
"Though we have just begun our partnership with Top 20 Training at Saint Mark's, I have already observed students who are more inspired to actively explore knowledge, develop social and individual responsibility, and engage the demanding challenges of the world around us. Applying these concepts and evolving into a Catholic IDEALS School will benefit our students, staff and families by keeping us engaged and passionate in a culture of learning and positivity."Meg Groshens, 3rd Grade Teacher

About Saint Mark's School

Personalized Attention - Welcoming CommunityFaith & Spiritual Growth - Cutting-Edge Technology Saint Mark’s School is committed to academic excellence and is part of the vibrant Catholic community located in the heart of...

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Our History

In November of 1911, two months after Father J.A. Corrigan's appointment to the parish, a resolution was passed to proceed with the plans to build a parochial school. He writes...

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Why Saint Mark's School?

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Technology Leadership

Today’s students, no matter the grade level, are "digital natives". It is Saint Mark's goal to prepare them also to be good “digital citizens” of a world where they can...

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Our Mission

We live our mission. At Saint Mark's School, our Mission is to work in partnership with families, inspire a lifelong dedication to learning, embrace Catholic faith and values, and prepare students...

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Catholic IDEALS School

What is a Catholic IDEALS School? Innovation Differentiation Enrichment Activity Leadership Spirituality A Catholic IDEALS School is a school that uses research on the human brain, neuroscience, to offer an excellent educational...

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Book A Tour Today

Discover the Saint Mark's Difference first hand.   Book a tour of Saint Mark's School to see how our students spend their school day. See the beautiful student art work that decorates...

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